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Global Diaspora Forum - 2015/03/11 17:11 Global Diaspora Forum 2015
(2015.03.24-27 Manila)

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Re:Global Diaspora Forum - 2015/09/21 10:34 Global Diaspora Forum 2015
Diaspora Network for Japanese http://www.dnjonline.org/

1. Requirement in the Workplace on LCWE3(2010) to LCWE4(on and after 2020)
1) Cape Town Commitment: Category A to F to cope with world issues
① Cyber Physical Systems(CPS) in ambient information society
② Economic disparity/inequality issue in regional and inter-business sphere,
2) Creation Care for Great Disaster:
① Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake(95.01.17) to Great East Earthquake(11.03.11)
② Indian Ocean Earthquake/Sumatra Earthquake(00.06.04, 04.12.26, 05.03.28, 07.09.12, 09.09.30, 10.04.06/05.09/10.25, 12.01.10/04.11)
③ Typhoon Haiyan(13.11.04) and Hagupit(14.12.06) for Leyte and Samar

2. Cooperative mission support to Creation Care as BAM with GDN
1) Development to support Japanese mission as Education for Sustainable Development(ESD) with preventive approach
UNESCO world conference for ESD (2014.11.10-12 Nagoya)
ESD-J http://www.esd-j.org/e/ (2005~2014)
2) Development for Asian Disaster Reduction to cooperate with World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and preventive approach in Resilient society
http://www.bosai-sendai.jp/en/ (15.03.4-18 Sendai)
3) Recovery and Renewal Japan with BioDiversity, Tokyo Olympic Game and Total abolition of nuclear weapon up to 2020/2030
BioDiversity Japan http://www.env.go.jp/en/nature/biodiv/nsj/
COP10(2010.10.11-29 Nagoya)
Mayors for Peace: Appeal from the Hiroshima Conference for the Total Abolition of Nuclear Weapons by 2020: Hiroshima Conference(2010.07.28-29)
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